Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial Garage Doors in St. Catharines

Overhead Door Co. St. Catharines Ltd. in St. Catharines provides Niagara businesses with durable, energy efficient commercial garage doors that can stand up to daily wear and tear, and look good doing it.

Tough. Dependable. Beautiful.

We know that your commercial garage door can take a beating. That’s why we build high-quality and durable commercial doors to withstand daily wear and tear.

Commercial Garage Doors in St. Catharines

Modern Efficiency

Upgrading to a modern, premium commercial garage door from Overhead Door can improve the efficiency of truck and delivery vehicle arrivals and departures, in turn enabling your business to operate more efficiently as a whole. In addition, our reliable commercial garage doors will also increase safety and help your business save energy.

Beautifully Functional

And while it may come in second place to functionality, you mustn't underestimate the value of aesthetics and presentation for your business. An attractive, modern door will make a great first impression, and demonstrate your attention to detail and efficiency to the world.

Commercial Garage Doors in St. Catharines
Commercial Garage Doors in St. Catharines

Safe & Secure

Keep your product and people safe with our commercial doors that are not only performance tested, but saftery tested as well. nulla vel est imperdiet, in dapibus sem suscipit.

Keep Working

With our preventative maintenance program, you can keep your upward lifting doors in prime condition, avoiding unnecessary repair expenses and downtime,  allowing your business to keep moving.

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